Tokyo Quake Story is a short film about the effects of the March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake on the greater Tokyo area, as told by some of its residents in the weeks following the disaster.

Though the effect of the quake on Tokyo is in no way comparable to the suffering to the north, it did have a profound physical, psychological and political impact on the biggest city in the world. This film attempts to present the feelings and thoughts of Tokyoites immediately following the quake.

Much has changed since the completion of this film. New facts have come to light about the accuracy of the media, nuclear plants across the country have been stopped (and some then restarted), protests have continued and grown in intensity, political power has switched hands. And, of course, recovery in the north continues, so please consider helping out if you’re able.


Film by Matt Schley (email/twitter)

Interpretation: Ko Ransom, Yuji Takayama

Translation: Ko Ransom

Music: Tetsuya Hori, Will Thomas Long

Interviewees: Yoichi Nakajima, Matt Alt, Our Man in Abiko, Kenji and Nahomi Moritomi

Clips and screenshots from third party sources used under the filmmaker’s best interpretation of fair use law.